Production Date Query Moonwatch calibers 321, 861 and 1861 only

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The results of this page do not replace Omega's 'Extract of the Archive' for your Speedmaster. For the ultimate information, request an 'Extract of the Archive' here. US folks : see (*)

'Extract Prediction' uses actual 'Extract of the Archive' data to predict as closely as possible the production date of your Speedmaster via a combination of methods. There is no guaranteed accuracy, but mostly it's VERY close.

'Moonwatch Only Tables' uses the scientific data provided via their website.

'Speedmaster101 pricing' uses the data provided via the Speedmaster101 website.

The authors of 'Moonwatch Only' and 'Speedmaster101' have kindly granted permission to use their data here. Many thanks.

Current data limits query on Movement Numbers from 15997104 to 48394659. There are currently 253 extracts in use.

(*) Omega does not have trademark rights to sell or do business in the US over the internet. They can not provide this service to US customers electronically. You can however get the form and order an extract from Switzerland via mail by going to your nearest boutique in person.

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