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This project originated with a question and an idea recently posed on the 'Vintage Omega Watches' discussion on the Omega Forums; Is there a better way to date Speedmaster Professionals than the oft-cited Hartmann table? After over 100 posts on the subject and the concerted effort of some members of the OF, which included collecting and analyzing extract data supplied by OF members or found on the OF and other websites, several methodologies were examined and compared to each other as well as to the most authoritative data available from well-known sources such as the Moonwatch Only and others. Since the methods employed depended only on statistical analysis of actual extract data it is no surprise that there is good agreement with the authoritative sources. As a result of this work we find we are able to date Speedmaster Professionals not only to their proper year but also down to the month level with reasonably good accuracy.

For those desiring to see the extent of the effort put into this model you can follow the original thread on the OF. Thanks to all who participated and special thanks to the originator for inspiring this effort.

About the author... (just a bit)

A working class collector who has always had a passion for watches, but has since grown really fond of Speedmasters.

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